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To See Them Smile Is Priceless

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About Orphelina Soutra Ni Djiguiya

We recognised the need to support our local and national communities during these unpercedented times,therefore a Free Mobile Orphelina Service was established and has been operating and serving meals throughout the lockdowm.Providing a daily service to individuals who have classified as vulnerable or advised to self isolate due to underlying health conditions.

Orphelina Soutra,is a term used in cultural for the community kitchen in a gurdwara where a free meal is served to all the visitors,and BAME anyone without distinction of religion,gender,caste,economic status or ethnicity .Please do share our project on social media if you can,all types of support bring us closer to our goal of providing the best services for the most vulnerable people.

We are a 100% Voluntary Humanitarian-aid organisation that provides hot meals and support to the homeless community nationally.We have extended our services in Birmingham,Coventry,Nuneaton to 7 days a week.We are running 9 weekly outreach sessions where we are serving approximately 5,000 hot meals a week.The demand increased significantly during this time and we found that our service users doubled.On average we were serving around 200-220 meals per outreach session.Our work is only possible because of the generosity of your supporters By giving to his project,you can help us to be there for the families who need us and to demonstrate care and compassion through challenging times.Orphelina Soutra is a Charity organisation supporting families in need,in particular those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.In this Year we received the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service in recognition of our work.We want to be there for all the people who are facing poverty because they have lost their jobs and livelihoods.For the families strggling to feed their children,for the older people in our communities who have never felt as lonely as they do now.For the people who are homeless and trying to get back on their feet.Learn about our approach what we do that makes us different to other charities,our objectives underpinning our mission and what we do in the UK to change lives for good around the World.Orphelina Soutra vision is a world without poverty and injustice,in which every person enjoys their right to a life of dignity.


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